Year 6 Animal Experience

We had some rather exciting visitors to Little Green yesterday – no, your eyes don’t deceive you – we welcomed in a snake, a stick insect, an owl and a meerkat among other wonderful creatures. Seeing these creatures up close allowed Year Six to explore the way they have adapted and evolved to survive in their habitats.

Here are just some things we have learnt:

  • The colour of an owl’s eyes tells you what time of day it hunts.
  • Snakes evolved from lizards that lost their legs, not the other way around.
  • Snakes lost their ears to enable them to travel through soil.
  • Snakes can taste prey in the air, and have a forked tongue to enable them to know which direction to move to catch it.
  • Owls can hear a mouse’s heartbeat from 10 metres away.
  • A skink can drop off their tail in order to distract a predator.

The children loved the experience, especially getting hands on, and hopefully they have plenty more to tell you about their day.

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on “Year 6 Animal Experience
One Comment on “Year 6 Animal Experience

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