Rowan learning about smoking

In Rowan today we looked at the available information and guidance about smoking. We started by talking about the law on smoking and perceptions of smoking and how this has changed over time. We then looked at NHS advice and statistics.

Most were shocked by the number of smoking related deaths each year in the UK, a figure of around 114,000, or enough people to fill up both Wembley Stadium and Vicarage Road.

We finished by discussing strategies to reject peer pressure and I was impressed with the attitudes and ideas of the children. We then had the opportunity to use an app called ‘Adobe Spark Post’ to show off graphic design skills, producing a public information poster.

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on “Rowan learning about smoking
One Comment on “Rowan learning about smoking
  1. I am never going to smoke because I do not want to risk my life, although it is your own decision. Above there are some posters about how smoking can affect your lungs! This was a great lesson and it was fun making posters on the ipads (The Emphysema one, top left is my groups). šŸ˜µThanks for reading.

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