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We were visited by the Journey Outreach team from The National Holocaust Museum today. We looked at the story of Leo, a fictional boy whose journey on the Kinder Transport was informed by real life stories from some of the 10,000 Jewish children who made the journey to escape Nazi Germany to the UK.

After learning about the changes to law that the Nazi party made to withdraw civil rights from Jewish people in Germany, we looked at the events of ‘Kristallnacht’ and it’s impact on Jewish children at the time. We also looked at the role of bystanders.

The day finished by exploring first hand accounts from surviving Kinder Transport children today. Rowan then collated some of their ideas to write a diary entry for the fictional Leo.

The children were complimented for their passion, engagement and questioning and I am proud of their conduct throughout the day.

Many thanks again to the Journey Outreach team.

Childrens books which provide the opportunity for further discussion include ‘Once’ by Morris Gleitzman and ‘Letters from the Lighthouse’ by Emma Carroll. 

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on “Journey Outreach – Rowan
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