Football season over… cricket season begins!

Rowan class were out on the field this afternoon in the sunshine for a cricket session; British Summer Time has truly begun! Here we can see Mr Hyde perfectly modelling a pull shot to cover – (not really!) – rather we were starting at the basic grip of the bat. Here is a tip to practise your grip at home: put the bat face down on the floor between your legs, make a v shape with your index finger and your thumb on each hand, hold your right hand out above your left hand (left-handers opposite way around) with the ‘v shape’ pointing towards you and bend over to pick up the bat.

We’re looking forward to a summer of cricket, with Cricket Club starting after Easter on a Friday (after school). I hope to see some of you there.


on “Football season over… cricket season begins!
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    • Think about all the power that is being generated in that right leg Mr Neighbour; I’ll see if I can find the ball in The Spinney tomorrow!

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