Rounders Final UPDATE

We are very excited to announce that the rounders final, taking place on Monday 22nd July at 1:30pm, will be contested by White team and Orange team. Parents of both teams are invited to attend (please sign in at the office). Both White and Orange team tied for first place in the league table, and both have been noticeably good in the field, so it should be a close competition!

1st.   White  13 points   (54 rounders scored)     FINALIST

2nd. Orange 13 points (48.5 rounders scored)   FINALIST

3rd. Cerise 9 points (68.5 rounders scored)

4th. Lime Green 9 points (61 rounders scored)

5th. Purple 6 points (55.5 rounders scored)

6th Turquoise 4 points (59.5 rounders scored)

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