End of Year Newsletter – Taking a risk!

I thought I would practise what I preach and have a go at something new – strongly encouraged by a governor. Please remember, practice makes better and mistakes prove I’m learning…

The plan is to use the medium of video to evolve newsletters which will help us to explain approaches, share reasons and direct people to the website: The website will be a one stop shop where all updates etc. will be placed. You will then get a weekly reminder of what has been uploaded etc.

We will reflect, review and adjust as feedback suggests.

Anyway, here is the end of year Newsletter…

Thank you for all your support this year and have a wonderful summer!



on “End of Year Newsletter – Taking a risk!
3 Comments on “End of Year Newsletter – Taking a risk!
  1. Thank you Mr Roberts, we enjoyed watching your video newsletter together. Have a great summer, we are looking forward to seeing the changes in September.

  2. The kids and I enjoyed watching this together, thanks for all your efforts and look forward to seeing the proposed changes in the new academic year.

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