6R: Safe Blogging & digital footprints

6R will be continuing their learning about blogging today and what better way than to practise here, on our school blog.

Sometimes people say controversial things on the internet; they may present their opinion as fact, they may refer to statistics that can’t be verified, they may tell or spread, sometimes unwittingly, lies or they may say unkind things and pass them off as jokes. You will see statements that you don’t like online, and sometimes you have to be brave by challenging those statements in a calm, polite, factual way. You may find yourself having to challenge your friends’ views – which takes alot of bravery.


Read the tweet below (it’s from earlier this year).

How does it make you feel? Why does it make you feel that way? Why do you think the person said what they did? How should you respond?

TASK: Reply to this tweet, in a calm, measured way explaining how it made you feel. If you feel you need to offer advice to Neil Hamilton what would it be? If you like the tweet, explain why. If you want further clarification of what the comments’ purpose was, ask them.

NOTE: I will be moderating comments for this post. As long as you abide by the blog rules, and you write in complete sentences, I will publish your comments.

You can’t ‘unsay’ things on the internet/social media. This is your digital footprint; it is your responsibility to make sure that your digital footprint (everything about you in digital form – comments, photos etc) are the best version of you. Rightly or wrongly, others will judge you on it.


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  1. if you have a son or daughter then your destroying their future and you don`t even care i respect your opinion but can you please keep it to your self and your being rude to a 15 year old girl who cares about the world.

  2. Dear Neil Hamilton well i think you have a point in saying no air con but you can have it in a building not on in a car cause then that cause pollution. no fan’s WHAT!!!!!!! How am i meant to get sleep how dear you make fun of Greta your the one driving around in a sports car and causing pollution.

  3. Dear Neil Hamilton well i think you have a point in saying no air con but you can have it in a building not on in a car cause then that cause pollution. no fan’s WHAT!!!!!!! How am i meant to get sleep how dare you make fun of Greta your the one driving around in a sports car and causing pollution.

    (corrected one)

  4. Mr Hamilton just because you said this online, it doesn’t mean you would say this in real life to Greta’s face,and just because Greta is 15 it doesn’t mean you know any better than her. Hopefully you apologize to Greta and never do this again.

  5. Dear Mr. Hamilton, when i read your message, i was surprised to see it was a MOCKING of Greta Thunberg. with all due respect, I don’t think Greta has red eyes.Perhaps you should re-read your tweet Mr. Hamilton.

  6. Dear Mr Hamilton

    Just because you might not agree with Greta you have now put this online and anyone can see it including Greta. She is 15 doesn’t mean you know any better. If you had a son or daughter maybe you would realize that you are destroying there future. Greta is trying to stop that so we have a better future.You are never to young to make a difference.

  7. Dear Mr Hamilton, I am speaking on behalf of Greta Thurnberg.
    All she is doing is keeping humanity from extinction if that is ok with you, what is wrong with saving the planet. This tweet is not going to stop Greta protesting. All she is doing is trying to make the planet a better place,so if I were you I would stop cyber bullying 15 year old girls.
    PS:good luck making Brexit happen.

    • Good points (about the tweet), calmly made. 👍 (by the way, I think you are speaking in support of Greta, not on her behalf – ask me what the difference is, if you’re not sure).

  8. After reading this tweet, i feel honestly quite offended. In my opinion, I think you are mocking Greta Thunberg and over-exaggerating what Greta has said. She is 15 years old and is trying to save the world, we should be helping her not hating her.

    Please acknowledge this comment and please don’t mock people in future, thank you Neil.

  9. Dear Mr. Hamilton,

    I have just been reading your comment about Greta Thunberg, why do you think that about her? In my opinion I agree with Greta, we should stop using electric fans and air conditioning. I am not saying you are wrong but I think next time you have a negative opinion; please can you think it not say it.

    Thank you.

  10. Dear Mr Hamilton,
    ok, first you need to re think what you have just said.
    Have a think what Greta mite be feeling.

    You should be ashamed of what you have done, it may not look like you have said something negative but actually you have written something quite offensive that have upset me and many other people.

    I hope you will take note of this and never do this again

    Beatrice the girl that wants to make a difference

  11. Neil, I can get what you are going for but really your going after a innocent child trying to do what’s best for the environment because you want her fans to look at you. I don’t get why you try to get people viewing a tweet that looks so normal at first glance but, dig a bit deeper and you see what your really trying to do. She’s trying to help this very world that we live, the only place us humans can survive in, but when tweets online like this one here, pauses our chances of living once again.

  12. Dear Mr Hamilton,
    I think you need to go back and re-read the message you have posted. We need people to sort out the world and its problems. By mocking people and doing nothing you are ruining all the childhoods of future children. I know is not your childhood but imagine if it was. Climate change is real. If we ignore it then it will grow until it is irreversible. We should be joining Greta not going against her. So be mature with what you post because climate change is a problem and by hiding from it you’re not going to change the direction of the problem in hand.

  13. Dear Neil Hamilton,

    I am writing on behalf of Greta.

    I know you may disagree with Greta Thunberg’s opinions, but keep your opinions inside you in less you feel it’s a nice comment. Greta did not need to do this but she wants to make the world a better place for the environment and for us. Greta did not need to take her time to make speeches to the nation but she is confident about making this world a better place for all of us including you lets appreciate this a bit more!

    What was the need to do what you did?

  14. Dear Mr Hamilton,
    Look Neil, I don’t mean to be rude and I think it’s OK to have different opinions but if you are going to be rude, I would advise to keep it to yourself. What about if people start criticizing you for it? What about if you get protests from Greta’s fans? What about if Greta finds out? The only problem with your tweet is that climate change is happening and people aren’t doing anything about it. And the result is that animals are dying. Numbers are decreasing. We are not doing anything about it so even now, animals are dying all because of human actions and poachers are killing animals. Climate change is happening right now and animals are in great danger. We should all be with Greta, not against her. A little thing that you do can make a difference. Help lives.

  15. Dear Neil Hamilton,
    I’ve recently read your comment about using no electric-fans or air-cons in the Summer, but I found it quite offensive. I see the point you were trying to make, but it ended up being really rude. I believe you added a tag saying ‘Climate Hoax’ but Climate-Change is not a hoax. It is scientifically proven that it is coming our way and it has an irreversible effect on our planet. All you are doing is making a mock of Greta’s words an chose a horrible picture of her. What difference are you trying to make with that tweet? If you think your tweet is useless and is just a mockery of a 15-year-old girl trying to make a difference to the environment, you may wish to edit that tweet. I hope this comment knocks some sense into you.

    Sorry for the inconvenience,
    Yours faithfully’

    P.S: If you want to go against Greta, send a politer and more meaningful tweet.

  16. I’m sorry Neil but you are mocking some one who is right. Greta has spoken and she is trying to help the environment. We can have fans but just conserve the time and energy by turning them off after use.Your kids heath depends on Greta. So why do you mock her? Next time you go online, think first!

  17. Dear Neil Hamilton

    I understand that you could go against Greta Thunberg but it is not acceptable to make fun of her when she is trying to help us children because we are all in danger.
    what point are you trying to make because you are not helping us to make global warming stop we have killed 25% of animals in Europe. It is unfair on animals because they cant do anything about it. Greta is trying to help all of us that are living so stop making fun of her however you can go against her but not make fun of anyone online because it is rude and offensive.

    kind regards Philip Trajkovski

  18. Dear Mr. Hamilton
    As soon as I saw the tweet you posted mocking Greta Thumberg my jaw dropped to how disgusting your behavior is. Greta, who is 15 years old and has autism, is one of the most inspirational person I know and I support her beliefs. You might disagree with her and that’s OK but the way you teased her really made me think of how much you don’t care about the future generations. Do you really not care about the earth dying before our eyes? But what am I to say I’m only a 11-year-old who cares about people, unlike you.

  19. I’m not happy with you saying that about Greta Thurnberg and putting a picture of her like that, she is trying to make a difference in this world and to get rid of climate change and that’s what you say about her I agree with her beliefs to stop this inscerdent .And if you have opinions please keep them to yourself .

  20. Dear Mr Hamilton,

    Did you know that climate change is increasing and that this planet could change rapidly? Yes its okay to have different views but why did you have to say that? What point were you actually trying to make? Put yourself in Greta’s shoes? How would you like it. She is only 15. Greta didnt need to make this change she didn’t need to help the planet, but she did. THINK BEFORE YOU POST!!

  21. Dear Mr. Hamilton

    What you have written regarding the “Climate Hoax” is clearly unacceptable.
    I was disgusted with this act of rudeness towards Greta, a FIFTEEN year old girl trying to save the planet, while you think its all a JOKE? Greta did not need to try to save the planet…But she still did.
    I hope I have made my point.

    (P.S. Sorry for the shouting, your post just made me angry :/ )

    • Good points, [mainly] calmly made. In my experience, angry responses do nothing but make you feel temporarily better. Calm, measured response encourage debate.

  22. Dear Mr Hamilton, your tweet that you uploaded making fun of Greta Thurnberg and irresponsibly saying that the news about the climate being a hoax, is absolutley horrible.Greta is just a fifteen year old and suffers with autism and she is extremely courageous for doing something about he issue.But on the other hand, you are making fun of her and you even added a image of Greta with photoshopped eyes!

  23. Dear Mr Hamilton

    i would advise you to stop taking this s a joke!

    as Greta Thunberg is trying to stop climate change and stop all of this.And let me remind you she is only 15 and she has autism that is pretty amazing so if i were you i would stop making fun of her and let her do her thing as she is doing the the right thing you are NOT! so please for your own sake think before you post.

  24. I am so impressed with the thoughtful responses to Mr Hamilton’s message. It appears, to me, so inappropriate for a grown man to make disparaging comments towards a child. You have all responded with consideration and kindness – what a world it could be if everyone was able to talk in a respectful way…

  25. It is so wonderful to see the children in 6R making such calm, measured and thoughtful responses to this tweet by Mr Hamilton. Well done everyone; I’m excited to see the impact we can have together this year through our school parliament and with your developing online voice.

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