6R: What have we been up to this week?

Since arriving back from Little Canada, we’ve hit the ground running with some fantastic learning – particularly around our topic of ‘Having a Voice’. The children have been introduced to the idea of a Little Green School Parliament and the idea has caused a buzz of excitement.

Having a Voice

We started by learning some key vocabulary (…and tricky spellings) to help us to understand explanations of how Parliament works in the UK (see above). I asked the children what Parliament means to a 10/11 year old and their responses were fascinating (see above). There was a thirst for more information about how the House of Commons works. We particularly enjoyed watching the ‘Speaker of the House’ crying “ORDER!!” to try and maintain a degree of control. Perhaps parents and children could watch the news together one night this week and discuss current political affairs?

The next step? We are writing speeches to try and win our own election here at Little Green – You could ask your child about what they have included in their manifesto.


I had the opportunity to teach PE this week and we looked at balance and counter balance in gymnastics. Check out some of the ambitious balances attempted in the session in the photo gallery.


In our Reading sessions, we looked at a new book – ‘The Girl who Speaks Bear’ by Sophie Anderson. The first chapter managed to capture the attention of the class as we wondered why the central character was left abandoned in the forest and why she could ‘feel’ the forests emotions. We now have a waiting list to borrow the book! – You could visit your local library and see if they have a copy for you to share with your child.



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  1. The ”Girl who speaks Bear” sounds like an amazing book cant wait to read the rest! Parliament speech writing was by far the best lesson of all though. 🙂 Eva

  2. I really enjoyed P.E with Mr Hyde.Me and Emma were very resilient and kept trying until we could do the gymnastics pose.
    I also really enjoy reading ‘The girl that spoke bear’ in guided reading i cant wait to read more.
    I am really pleased with my cabinet member of parliament speech.
    Everyone in Rowan class’s is really good as well. I am looking forward to a great week!!

  3. Dear Mr Hyde
    I really enjoyed having you teach us P.E cause you made it really fun by playing your favourite american song. I really liked when me and Micheal did the balancing it was really fun.

  4. I really enjoyed PE because I managed to do a new balance I’d never tried before. I am also enjoying writing a speech to try and win an election.

  5. The things we’ve been up to are really amazing because:
    1. We’ve started reading the beginning of The Girl Who Speaks Bear by Sophie Anderson and it is excellent so far.

    2. Our ‘Having A Voice’ topic is going well so far and all the speeches are really good. It is also enabling us to use long words and spectacular vocab.

    3. PE looked fantastic! I didn’t take part but all the balances looked great and I had front row seats to watch them progress.

    All the things we have been up to are so awesome and I can’t wait to do more!

  6. I’m really looking forward to The Girl who Speaks Bear it sounded like such a good book. Writing our parliament speeches was fun I cant wait to say it in front of yr3. 🙂

  7. I’m really looking forward to the who speaks bear it sounds like such a good book. Writing our parliament speeches was fun I cant wait to say it in front of yr3.

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