6R: Acid and Alkali Testing

In our science lesson today, we learned how to test for acids and alkali. We used universal indicator paper to identify the ph level. A real hands on piece of learning. We also talked about independent and dependent variables, and whether we thought an acid, alkali or neutral substance would make a better cleaner. The children were reminded that although the chemicals we were using are safe, some chemicals can be dangerous and good scientists will  treat them with caution.


on “6R: Acid and Alkali Testing
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  1. I really enjoyed the lesson today! It was really fun!!! I liked cleaning the penny’s, and i think you did a good job setting up the lesson Mr.Hyde!

  2. This lesson was really fun Mr Hyde! I really want to do more lessons like this.
    Its so clever how the vinegar and lemon juice cleaned the pennies the best

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