6E: Safe Blogging & digital footprints

  1. 6E are continuing their learning about blogging and what better way than to practise here, on our school blog.

Sometimes people say controversial things on the internet; they may present their opinion as fact, they may refer to statistics that can’t be verified, they may tell or spread, sometimes unwittingly, lies or they may say unkind things and pass them off as jokes. Sometimes they just look to undermine other people and their opinions. You will see statements that you don’t like online, and sometimes you have to be brave by challenging those statements in a calm, polite, factual way. You may find yourself having to challenge your friends views – which takes alot of bravery.

Read the tweet below:

How does Mr Trumps tweet make you feel? Why does it make you feel that way? How should you respond?

TASK: Reply to this tweet, in a calm, measured way explaining how it made you feel. If you feel you need to offer advice to Donald Trump, or Greta Thunberg what would it be? If you like either of their tweets, explain why. If you want further clarification of what the comments purpose was, ask them.

NOTE: We will be moderating comments for this post. As long as you abide by the blog rules, and you write in complete sentences, I will publish your comments.

You can’t ‘unsay’ things on the internet/social media. This is your digital footprint; it is your responsibility to make sure that your digital footprint (everything about you in digital form – comments, photos etc) are the best version of you. Rightly or wrongly, others will judge you on it.


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30 Comments on “6E: Safe Blogging & digital footprints
  1. Dear Mr Trump

    I know that you have some very strong opinions but next time please could you think about what your are saying and posting as that is quite rude.


  2. I highly disagree with you Mr Trump you can’t just mock a 16 year old girl like that only a wally would do that! If you do not agree with her say it in a nice manner! You should be ashamed of what you have done!!!!!!!

  3. Dear Mr Trump,

    I completely agree with that comment you wrote but how can you mock Greta Thunberg like that. She is only a 16 year old girl trying to make a difference in this world.

  4. Dear Mr Trump, I respect your opinion, but I disagree. See, Greta, who is a 16 year old girl, is clearly concerned about our environment’s health. You have every right to believe what you want, but you are one of the most powerful men in the world, when she is just a young girl trying to make a difference. Next time, please try to think before you send comments on innocent people that they could misunderstand as you mocking them, thanks for considering. From Emilie

  5. Dear Mr Trump

    I disagree with you, I think Greta isn’t a happy girl, she is a girl who disagrees with you and wants to make a difference. I think your comment is completely the opposite to what is true. Why did you decide to write your comment like this in such a sarcastic way ?

  6. Dear Mr Trump

    Even though i sometimes don’t like her, i don’t know why you think you can mock a 16 year old girl.In my opinion i think it was not the right thing to do, i think you should of said something nicer like i like how you are trying to change the world.

  7. Dear Mr Trump
    I am very disappointed,and I mean very disappointed in you because how could you mock a 16 year old who is trying to save the world. Dont you care about our world dying? Do you? I agree with Greta Thunberg but why do you have to be so sarcastic, I really expected more from a president!! This girl is trying to make our planet NOT die!!

  8. Dear Mr Trump

    Another way that you could get your voice heard is by saying that you don’t agree with Greta Thunberg and that you think something else is right or can be done it wil be appreciated.

    Thanks again

  9. Dear Mr Trump I am confused and I do not understand why you said those words and I would like it very much if you could explain why you said that

  10. Dear Mr Trump,
    I completely understand you were trying to help the community by posting your first tweet but Greta is trying to save the world. Although Greta’s tweet made you feel infuriated is no reason to mock a 16 year old girl. Many people look up to you and the majority find it shameful that a powerful president has mocked a 16 year old even though she could have got her point across more calmly. She is very concerned about this matter and this is the biggest problem her generation will face, she is still learning but you are not giving her the chance to learn.

  11. Dear Mr President Trump do you think it is right to make fun of a girl who is talking for the hole eco system. If so who do think you are. You are representing the face of America and yet you make fun of a 16 year old girl ? Why do you think this is right ?? I am grimacing at your words.

  12. Dear Mr Trump sorry but I’m very disappointed because you mocked a 16 year old girl that want to save the world next time say something more kind and friendly and your a president so you should be giving a good example to the world not a bad one.

  13. Dear Mr Trump
    I think that the way you have expressed your feelings within this comment is unacceptable and I am disappointed with your behaviour you are meant to be a leader your are meant to responsible yet this is the way you treat people with different opinions. Greta Thunberg has been brave and shared her ideas even though many people like you disagree her. This behaviour is disgusting it is appalling it is bullying. May I ask how much older you are than her and you still pick on her. Think before you post!

  14. Dear Mr Trump

    I think that you should appreciate what she is doing as any other 16 year old would just be sitting watching TV and she is doing much much more.

  15. To MR Trump i agree with you she is not happy but she is only sixteen so do not be so hard on her she might be less confident now because of you .

  16. Mr Trump ,
    As a full grown man I expected more from you! You have been a big coward ! Explain to me why you would say such a thing! I hope every one recognises that what you said is wrong and hurtful, how would you feel if it was you!

  17. Dear Mr Trump

    I will always disagree with you and Greta Thunberg she so scared of what mite happen to us she wants to difference with are life what I’m saying is true please listen to me.

  18. Dear Mr Trump I highly disagree with you and why are you mocking a 16 year old girl? why are you being sarcastic? your not funny your rude please stop and be polite. your are disrespecting the planet.

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