Years 5 & 6 Girls Football Festival

Earlier today Little Green took 8 girls from Years 5 & 6 to York House School for a 5-a-side football festival. The girls were really excited to play against the other 6 schools and were determined to do their best!

The first game was against Gayhurst School’s A team and the girls aimed to go out and score as early as possible with the matches only lasting 7 minutes. Unfortunately our opponents went 2 goals up and we seemed to struggle to click as a team, but our girls did not give up and grabbed a late goal to give us confidence for the next game.

Our second game was much better, we were playing Ricky Park and the girls were really solid and stopped the other team from scoring. All we were missing was a decisive goal to give us the win, but we were extremely happy to get our first point with a 0-0 draw.

The next game was against the eventual winners Royal Masonic, and we were shown a real masterclass in finishing with our girls getting some good chances but Royal Masonic ended up scoring all 5 of their chances against us and we lost the game 5-0.

The heavy defeat could have defeated our girls confidence but they took it on the chin and went out into the next match against Gayhurst School’s B team and finally everything started to click. The girls were unlucky not to score in double figures with the amount of chances they created and finished the match 3-0 winners, earning us an extra bonus point for scoring over 3 goals in one game.

Charlotte House were our next opponents and the girls carried on in this game exactly how they had finished the last. Their teamwork and positivity when on the ball was lovely to see and the girls got all they deserved when they came away 1-0 winners.

Two wins in a row and no goals conceded, the defensive focus of the girls was clear to see with some great finishing at the other end, could they make it 3 wins in a row? Unfortunately they couldn’t as the next game against Sarratt primary finished 0-0, however, if it wasn’t for an amazing save from the Sarratt goalkeeper we would have surely got another 1-0 victory.

Our final game gave us another tough test as we faced the host school, York House. By this point the girls knew that they didn’t want to concede any more goals and only had eyes for the win. After a great 7 minutes of football the game finished 0-0 which was probably a fair result with both teams playing extremely well.

The festival finished with the girls claiming 10 points on the day and thoroughly enjoyed the event put on by York House. To go four games unbeaten at the end of our day was the icing on the cake for the girls and highlighted how well they played as a team. We wish the Year 3 & 4 girls just as much success in their football festival taking place tomorrow. Well done Girls!

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