Choir visit to St Mary’s Church!

The Choir joined the charities ‘Home Instead’ and ‘Herts musical memories’ to sing to the elderly this morning. This community event filled everyone with the Christmas spirit while the children sang carols and read ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ by Clement Clarke Moore. The children should be so proud of themselves, as they represented the school excellently. Luther Blissett was in attendance and he was very impressed with their performances! Well done Little Green Choir!

“Everyone had a tear in their eye. The children were just wonderful!”
A member of the congregation.

“The children sang fantastically, they were very well behaved! I am particularly impressed with Emily, who learnt the poem, she didn’t need the words at all!”
Luther Blissett

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on “Choir visit to St Mary’s Church!
One Comment on “Choir visit to St Mary’s Church!

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