6R: Inference, Observation and Questioning

The image above was produced by the fantastic picture book author / illustrator Oliver Jeffers (‘The Day the Crayons Quit’, ‘Here We Are’, ‘An Alphabet of Stories’ and more…) and shared on social media by David Walliams. I asked Year 6 to use their reading skills of observation and inference to analyse it. The three sentence openers below provide a structure for this:

I observe…  (What is right there? What literally can you see?)

I infer… (What have you worked out? What have you ‘read between the lines’? How does what you already know link to this image?)

I question… (What are you now thinking about? What are the wider implications of what you have worked out? What more do you want to know about this?)

Perhaps with an adult you can find other images linked to local and global current affairs and analyse: What is right there? What have I worked out? What am I now thinking about and questioning?

In the comments below, tell me – what do you observe, infer and and question about the image by Oliver Jeffers?


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