Y6: Indoor Athletics Success

Both the girls team and the boys team from Little Green have qualified for the district final of the Watford and Three Rivers Indoor Athletics.

The girls won their semi-final and are coming home with a medal, the boys came a fantastic second place, missing out by only 2 points.

The final is on February 6th.


on “Y6: Indoor Athletics Success
11 Comments on “Y6: Indoor Athletics Success
  1. edit: i think we did really well everone was helping one another when we lost or won every single person was like “well done you did so well”==)

  2. edit:lets go out there and smash the other teams [playing by the rules and with the utmost sportsmanship and friendly competitive nature] and WIN THIS FINAL 😈😈

  3. i cant believe we went through to the finals!! YAY! i hope we will come second in the finals or EVEN BETTER 1ST PLACE!!! CoMe On Little Green!!πŸ˜€πŸ™‚πŸ₯³

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