Mummifying a tomato

Today, 5h/Larch became Ancient Egyptian embalmers!… YUCK!


Mummifying a tomato:

First, we made an incision and scooped out all of the seeds and pulp. The Egyptians removed the lungs, liver, stomach and the intestines and placed them canopic jars.

Next, we covered our dead bodies (tomatoes) in alcohol (anti-bacterial handwash) to clean the body.

Then, we packed the tomato with Natron

using a mix of table salt and bicarbonate of soda. This was used by the Ancient Egyptians to draw out the moisture from the body and dry it out.

Finally, we covered the tomatoes in bandages and sealed them in an air tight container.


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  1. it was so fun we got a knife (butter knife) to cut off the top of the tomato and the used a spoon to cut out the inside of the tomato. next we got hand gel (sanitize) to clean the dead body (tomato). finally we wrapped it in tissue and put it in a bag and put it in a bag.

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