What has a 10th century viking king got to do computer networks?

Did you know?

I’m sure when Harald Bluetooth, Viking King in the 10th Century, was busy uniting Scandinavian countries he could never have dreamt that one day his name would be synonymous with wireless communication across the planet! Yet, that’s who Bluetooth is named after Jaap Haartsen invented the technology in the 1990s.

Computer Networks

So to bring us up to date – we’re going to be continuing our investigation into computer networks, and how they work.

Why do we save our work to a server on a network, not just to one computer?

Why do we need to login to a school network?


What actually happens when we request info from our server, or from the internet?

We’ll be modelling our school network looks like in order to try to make sense of the flow of data.

The pictures to the right are a great place to start – some of them we talked about last week. What order do you think they go in? We’ll explore this further in class.

Here are the outcomes…



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