Hi Acer Class, Aspen and Cedar Non-chronological report – Endangered species of the Mediterranean Sea

If you did not manage to move on to your own Non-chronological report in class, then use this time at home to complete it.    You will need;

A title (please centre this). e.g.

Endangered species of the Mediterranean Sea.

An introduction does not need a sub-heading, it simply sets the scene for your report. Where is the Mediterranean located?  How many species live there and what the report is about?

Sub-heading – this will be the name of one of your animals, turtle, stingray, shark. – tell me all about it. Have its numbers declined?

Sub-heading – another animal – tell me all about it.  Have its numbers declined?

Sub-heading  – This sub-heading might be Threats to species.   Explain why your animals are endangered, What are they under threat from?

Conclusion – no sub-heading. Conclude your report by explaining what has been or is going to be done about these threats.


You can write it or type it up, please include some images of your animals if possible.


Please remember the learning objective for this topic was also to use as many conjunctions as you can in this report.



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