Miss you! Key worker children – current position:

We had a wonderful display of team work and independence on Wednesday as the children took part in a Scavenger Hunt outdoors. Some of you don’t believe us but we really do love having each and everyone of you in the school and are truly missing all of the personalities who are currently absent. That’s what being an inclusive community is all about!

We all understand the school closure is to reduce the transmission of this virus. It is for this reason that ONLY key worker children and those children on CP registers, CIN plans, with an assigned social worker or with an ECHPs will be able to come to school on Monday. Please do not try and take advantage of the incredibly selfless acts of our staff by sending your children in, if you do not fall into these categories.

As I understand it, only families where there is a SINGLE parent key worker OR where BOTH parents are key workers will qualify for continued school based learning. I will be asking for proof of full time key worker employment to ensure no one takes advantage of this position. I realise just how challenging this will be for some of you but remind you that this is about saving the lives of the elderly and vulnerable: The fewer children in school, the lower the possible transmission rate. We will be sending out more information once we have it for how to identify yourselves as key workers.


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