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Dear all, while I recover from the Jo Wicks workout, I wanted to share two things:

1. Thank you to everyone for only using the school as an absolute necessity. We have enough staff to cope currently and thank you for doing everything you can to keep your children home and save lives!

2. I’ll be doing a daily debate for you to chat about at the dinner table – if you like! TODAY, what makes someone or something essential? Is it who they are? What they do? What we think? What they think? Please start a chat (dialogue) below and let’s have a debate!!


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  1. Essential for me is something that helps us live. Water is essential. People who work in the water industry are essential so we have clean water we need to drink.

  2. I guess you have to think about, ‘essential to what or whom’, within a context, as well. However, until you get to very serious situations, there is always likely to be differing opinions on what essential actually means.

    My cat would argue that it is essential that I feed her, but the consequences of me not feeding her would only really be felt by her, and those who love her.

    So perhaps, something can only be considered essential, if the outcome is binary (yes/no, black/white, dead/alive).

    I watched Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire last night. Dumbledore said:
    “…. there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right.”

    It seems appropriate.

  3. Interesting ideas gentleman. Kind of begs the question: Essential for what? And this begs the first question: what is essential? Bit heavy this one. Next debate will be a little more fun…

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