Sports Partnership Virtual Challenge – Week 1

Week 1

Activity: How many seconds can you hold a stalk pose for?

Instructions: Stand on one leg and place your other leg on the inside of your other thigh. Reach your hands up to the sky. Time how long you can hold the pose for in seconds.

Extra Challenge: Can you keep the pose whilst on your tiptoes?

Record your score and see if you can achieve a personal best by the end of the week.

Pupils scores can be submitted via the Google form on the website using the following link:

The challenge has also been shared via our Twitter account @TRW_SSP. Parents can tweet their children’s results by tagging TRWSSP and using the hashtags #TRWSSPVirtualChallenge and #SGChallenge.

Further information and challenges that can be completed just for fun can be found on the SSP website.

Please be aware that if they receive pupil names for the competition scores via Twitter or the Google Form on their website, this will act as consent to reveal results across the Partnership.

Good luck everyone!

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