Easter Home Learning

I do hope you and yours are well during these uncertain times.

“Perfection is the enemy of the good.”* …is a useful saying during such times. We all have so many hats: parents, colleagues, partners, children, friends, siblings, employers, employees, teachers and students. Please just try your best, whatever that is, and remember, mistakes prove you are trying and practice makes better!

So, here is all the challenging home learning we expect of you this Easter:

  1. Look after yourself.
  2. Look after your family.
  3. MAYBE, cook something with a loved one or for a loved one; Have a family/friend dance (I’ll happily post any shared videos (appropriate ones please)); develop even greater patience when required; love others and remember you are loved – everyone is trying their best.
  4. If you like, enjoy a good book, have a go at some of the home learning you didn’t manage from the last few weeks, or don’t.
  5. Most importantly, enjoy the good times (family can be amazing) and take a deep breath during the more challenging times (family can be annoying.)

Happy Easter everyone!


*Perfect is the enemy of good, or more literally the best is the enemy of the good, is an aphorism which is commonly attributed to Voltaire, who quoted an Italian proverb in his Dictionnaire philosophique in 1770: “Il meglio รจ l’inimico del bene”. (Wikipedia)

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