Year 6 Home Learning W/C 20/04/20

Summary of Home Learning for next week – 20/4/20

*Update 21/04/2020*

All of the below tasks can be downloaded and printed from Google Classroom, thus reducing screen time for children where necessary; a picture (or scan) can then be made and uploaded to Google Classroom. No virtual classroom can ever replace the real thing and we dearly miss being able to teach to a class of eager Year 6s – in the circumstances, Google Classroom is an excellent stop-gap as it allows us to give valuable feedback on the children’s work after it has been uploaded so we strongly encourage that this is used to download and turn in work. I have however included direct links to the maths activity below. I have also attached to this blog post the Time Capsule activity and this weeks spellings at the bottom of this post (refresh the page if they do not appear). I hope this is helpful, however please do make accessing Google Classroom a priority for downloading and turning in work. Mr Hyde

*Original Message with links*

Welcome ‘back’ after the Easter holidays, it’s time to get learning again! All of the below activities have been, or will be, posted as assignments on Google Classroom for you to see more detail. If you are still unable to access Google Classroom, please email the class email account and we will make this a priority.

Writing –
Covid-19 Time Capsule Booklet and letter to your future self (complete on Google Doc, or upload a picture if handwritten).

Reading –
To Be A Cat – Matt Haig (Two Activities to Complete on the Google Doc, or upload a picture if hand written).

Maths –
White Rose Daily Lessons (These will be posted in your Google Classroom at 8.00am each day by Miss Tarbox).           Follow WEEK TWO of the maths scheme.

Spelling –
‘-ably words’ – Complete your normal practice and upload for us to see.

Other –
Follow the BBC Bitesize Daily lessons timetable (see below). Complete the English, Music, PSHE, Geography and Science lessons if you can – you do not need to show us this learning unless you want to, but we love seeing your work! The maths is an optional extra, in addition to the White Rose Daily Lessons we will be uploading.

We will then provide feedback to you as soon as we can, and in many cases we expect you to edit and improve your work as necessary. Keep us busy by submitting lots of great work!

BBC Bitesize:

I’m really delighted that the BBC have teamed up with teachers and experts to put together some lessons for pupils all over the country. Hopefully, they’ll be really good and I’m looking forward to seeing them on Monday.

I have attached a timetable of the different lessons to this post – the lessons which fit in to our curriculum at Little Green I have circled in GREEN (you’ll notice that I’ve pinched a couple from the Year 7 section because I think you’re brilliant and capable of giving it a go). I have circled the Year 7 maths in ORANGE – this is because we have covered lots of it and those of you who are more confident MIGHT want to give it a go instead of the Year 6 maths.

We will release our White Rose Maths activities each day for you to complete – these also come with a video guide and worksheet. Complete these as a priority, then complete the BBC maths as an ‘extra’ if you would like to.

If you follow on each day, you should be able to see each 20 minute lesson. They are also available on the red button of your TV!

We’ll trial it for next week and I’m hopeful you will leave us some feedback on how you got on. Did you think they were useful? Was it helpful that we circled lessons we thought were useful?

Good Luck!

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