Year 6: Overview of Home Learning W/C 27/04/20

All of the below assignments will be posted on Google Classroom with the resources available to download at 8am on Monday Morning.

Overview of this weeks learning – 27.04.20

Please complete the daily lessons posted on Google Classroom by Miss Tarbox. These are posted at 8am each morning. Note that we are working a week behind White Rose, so ensure to watch the correct help video! Please use the answer sheets to self mark, but comment to your teacher if you need support – we are desperate to help!

These can also be accessed here, but note we are one week behind.

Time Travel Story. Read the book extract and instructions and have a go at writing the first Episode only. We will provide feedback as soon as we can and expect you to respond to this to improve your work.

Extract is attached below (Time Travelling with a Hamster).

Your task over the next few weeks will be to write a short story in instalments/episodes.

Before you do anything, read the extract of ‘Time Travelling with a Hamster’ by Ross Welford – you need to do this for your reading work too this week!

Each week, we will give you a clear outline of what to include in each section. Although you must stick closely to the guidance given, there will be lots of opportunities to include your own ideas and topics of interest.

Something to decide before you begin…

1. Will your character travel backwards or forwards in time? If you choose to go to the past, make sure that you choose a time in History that you know lots of detail about. If you choose to go forwards in time, you will need to create some specific things that don’t yet exist and be able to describe them in detail.

2. Where will your character end up? Again, this needs to be a place that you can describe well.

3. What object is your character going to touch or pick up (in the present day) which causes them to time-travel? This object will be linked with your first setting so choose carefully. Letters, pictures, photographs, jewellery, clothes and keys often work well for this if you are stuck for ideas.

Episode 1:

In this episode, you need to focus on the 5Ws – who, where, when, why and what.

Describe the setting where your character starts. This works best if it is somewhere quite ordinary but must be a place where the character can explore and perhaps touch something that they are not meant to…

For example, if your character is going to travel back in time, a good setting would be an attic at a grandparent’s house, or an abandoned shed, or perhaps a store room at a museum – think jumanji!

If your character is going to travel forward in time to the future, perhaps they could be visiting a science laboratory or a space station. Maybe a colony on another planet!

You need to include lots of detail about the setting so that we can easily visualise the place where the story starts. Get your character to use their senses so describe what they can hear and smell as well as what they can see.

Make sure we really get to know your character – not just what they look like but plenty of clues about their personality too. Perhaps they are upset or have had an argument with someone which leads them to be in a place that they don’t often go…

What do you need to ‘turn in’?

Please write the first episode of the story to set the scene and introduce the character. Get them to explore the setting but no time travelling yet!

We would like to see three or four paragraphs. Remember we are looking for QUALITY not quantity, so please do not write too much.

Please use your best writing skills. In particular, we will be looking for accurate punctuation and lots of carefully chosen vocabulary. You may type your writing in a Google Doc or send a photograph of a hand-written piece if you prefer.

Next week…

We will send you the guidance for the next episode of the story. In this one, your character will time-travel to another time/place so, if you want to, you can start thinking about what they will do when they get there. How will they feel?

Time Travelling with a Hamster – Ross Welford. Read the extract and complete the question.

How do you know the boy shouldn’t really be where he is?

Practise and learn the spellings uploaded by Miss Morris, including completing the activity (below). It would be good to get someone to test you on these on Friday.

Other –
1. BBC Bitesize daily TV show (iplayer)
2. BBC Bitesize daily lessons – especially the foundation subjects (science, music, RE, geography, history etc…)

The BBC Bitesize Maths and English are extra – only complete these if you are looking for extra to do. Our Maths and English lessons fit better with our curriculum so are more important.

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