W/C 11.05.20 Year 6 Home Learning

Overview of Home Learning:

Hi Year 6 – we hope you are all well and we are missing seeing you every day. I am, however, looking forward to another week of learning and seeing what you all produce, and I’m spending some time in school this week too supporting the Key Worker children.

Please leave a reply to this post with something you’ve learned during the ‘lockdown’ that you never knew before. Mine is gardening – I’ve never really done any before but now I’ve got carrots, tomatoes, mangetout, lettuce and courgettes growing and I’ve loved learning lots of new skills. Over to you!

By far the easiest way of accessing the learning is through Google Classroom. This is one central hub where all resources are uploaded and work can be turned in. This is easier than emailing work to the class teacher so I strongly recommend it. Please let your class teacher know if you cannot access your account or you need support in turning in work. All the work will be uploaded at 8am Monday morning.


I was really impressed with the work on angles last week. Please self-mark your work before turning it in on Google Classroom; sometimes seeing the answer can support you with solving the problem. Ask for help if you need it. (Roughly 30 mins per day).


(Please use Summer Term – Week 2 lessons)

The guidance for the next episode of your time-travel story is at the end of this post. I know lots of you have already planned your story. Keep up the good work, they are excellent! Remember the bits of grammar learning we’ve done in school and really show us that you can build complex sentences. (Roughly 1, to 1 and a half, hours in total).

Normal spelling expectations apply – spellings are below.

One lesson this week looking at a vital question: ‘Was World War Two inevitable?’

Before starting, think about your learning up until this point and what your opinion is. (Roughly 30 mins in total).


Saying the date in Spanish. (Roughly 30 mins in total)



We’ve included a music lesson this week for the first time. Have a go and see if you can think of a creative way to share your learning! (Roughly 20 mins in total)


Sky Song – Abi Elphinstone.

This week your Reading session is split into two parts: fluency reading and a thinking question. Firstly, read the prologue in the extract below. Then watch the video of me reading the text on Google Classroom and use it to help you read the first page aloud. Extract and Video are below.

Thinking Question: What genre is this extract? Support your answer with evidence. The more evidence you include, the stronger your answer. (Roughly 45 mins in total including reading the text and fluency task).

The bitesize schedule is below. Remember, these lessons are completely optional for those who are looking to do a bit of extra learning.

English Guidance:

We are really enjoying reading your time-traveling stories and have been astonished at the huge number of different plots that have come from one simple idea. Your creativity and imagination have really impressed us and we literally cannot wait to read the next episode each week!

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY: In this week’s episode, your character will get to explore their new location. As the writer, you must include lots of specific details to describe the setting so that the reader can easily visualise it. If you have chosen to go back in time, make sure you research that period of History before you write; if you have chosen to go forward, we’re looking for lots of specific things which do not exist in 2020 so you’ll have to use your imagination well!

Last week, in Episode 2, we were hoping to see some speech and conversation but that did not happen in everyone’s writing, so this week it MUST! You need to introduce a new character that your main character can talk to. READ LAST WEEK’S INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY for guidance with writing speech and conversation. Remember to start a new line each time a different character speaks.

Here is what you need to do:
1. Make sure that you have responded to any feedback that you have been given for Episode 2. It is important for you to edit and improve your writing as you go along, just like we do at school. If you do not know how to edit and resubmit, send a message to your teacher.

2. Write Episode 3 where your character explores their new location and meets a new character who they talk to. This person will turn out to be extremely important in the story and will provide a link with the main character’s normal life. Remember that object that they brought with them? How will that fit in to this episode?

3. Check that the new episode links with the previous ones and that there is some continuity in your ideas. For example, if you introduced your main character as a clumsy, argumentative teenager, make sure these character traits are still evident in Episode 3, even if not quite as strongly. Or perhaps, your character is always hungry – how will that feature in Episode 3?

Please turn in Episode 3 of your Time Travel Story by the end of the week.
* We would like to see about four or five paragraphs.
* You MUST include some speech, with all the necessary punctuation.

You may type your writing in a Google Doc or handwrite it and send in a photo if you prefer. As always, you can message your class teacher and your classmates for support and advice as you go.

Next week…
Your character will travel back to their normal life. This needs to happen in the same or a similar way to the first time traveling event, so the main character may need to go back to a particular place, touch a certain object or hear a specific sound. You will need to describe the time traveling event in a way that is familiar to the reader but not exactly the same – that would be boring to read. Start thinking about your character’s first thoughts, actions or words when they arrive back in their normal time.


Reading Extract and video:

Sky Song recording by Mr Hyde. Click to Download!

Bitesize Schedule:


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