A Poem A Day…

Poetry is ordinary language raised to the Nth power…Terry Willis, who has a long time association with Little Green and the wider Three Rivers Community is also an author of poetry. During the lock down she has been sharing one poem a day read out by friends family and colleagues.  In her words:

This You Tube channel came about because I cannot go into schools and share stories and poems with the children – which I love doing.

So, I decided to share with them at home.

We started with the video of Minecraft and the Gang because the children love listening to those poems in school.

We added other stories for children aged between 3 and 9 – The Tale of Rusty the Squirrel – When Lily met the Mouse and When Lily met the Spider – Elephants never forget – apart from Junior and The Tree Party. The text appears with the while the story is being read so children can follow.

More stories will be coming.

Then, from the anthology – That’s Life and the second anthology – That’s Life 2 (which is not published yet) we have uploaded poems. We called it A POEM A DAY – we upload a new poem each day and there are different readers each day – one day a child and the next day an adult. Sunday is free. But check out the new poem each day.

It would be lovely if you could subscribe to and follow our channel and we would love it if you could give us some feedback.

Which poem do you like best? Do you have a favourite? Could you list them in order starting with your favourite and could you tell us why you like them?

We would love to hear from you.

If you sent reviews or messages to your school teachers they would send them on to me so that I could read them.

And here’s the link:

so you can see other poems read each day…maybe have a go at writing your own…


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