Hi Acer/4e Class. A big hello from Ms Tuthill


Good morning Acer/4e class,

I hope you are all well. Everyone in my house is absolutely fine.  Well, first I would just like to say how super all of the work you have been sending me has been. I have been very impressed with all of the amazing Geography work and get the impression that the coasts topic is one you are really enjoying. Well done everyone!

Ms Tuthill entered the colourful world of tie-dying last week. My daughter bought a kit ages ago and kept asking me to do it with her.  I will be honest children, I was not keen but she wore me down and I put on a brave face as I entered the back garden.  Everything was laid out ready to go and I had offered a couple of white T-shirts to dye.  We did lots of different colour combinations and styles by scrunching and twisting the T-shirts and securing with elastic bands and then set about putting on different coloured dyes. We had to leave them for 6 hours, then rinse them with cold water and finally wash them.   Well, you are not going to believe it…when they dried and we looked at them, my daughter said mine were the best and could she have mine.  Of course I said yes and she loves them.  This just goes to show that we sometimes do things we really don’t want to do and end up really enjoying them.

The next skill I refreshed was making a pie.  I can’t remember the last time I made pastry. I made a mince and vegetable pie (added a few secret ingredients) and my family said it was better than any pie they had ever had. I was over the moon with this comment and next week it will be a chicken and leek pie. I know that lots of you have been baking and I have had some amazing pictures sent to me, last week some of you had made pizzas and jam tarts.  I was so impressed; I made a pizza and will be making the jam tarts this week.

I have also been blown away by the super art work to go with the ‘Angel of Nitshill Road’ characters- WOW! You know that if we had been at school, our classroom walls would be covered in that fantastic work.

I am making steady progress with reading the pile of books I have and the highlight of my year was Saturday and the ‘Eurovision Song Contest.’

Normally, Holly and I have lots of our friends round and we dress up to represent a country. We all get to pick the name of one of the countries out of a hat and there is a prize for the person who picks the winning country.  This year it was just Holly and I, so we could only watch but we still enjoyed it.  There were lots of good songs and I particularly liked Finland, Iceland and Russia’s entries.

Well children, I had better go now.

Take great care of yourselves!

Best wishes,

Ms Tuthill



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