Good morning Acer/4e class.

Good morning Acer class,

I hope everyone is keeping well and ready to learn again? Everyone is well in my house and last week we had 2 birthdays at home, mine and Holly’s. Both were really fabulous and we got some super presents, cards and good wishes. The weather was great last week and is forecast to be good this week, so lots of opportunities for you to take your learning outside. Well as you know Year 6 returned to school today and I know that as a super Acer class, you will join me in wishing them the best of luck with their learning this term. We have been spoilt this week, because we were the birthday girls, we had fish and chips, a curry take away, birthday cake and enough chocolate to last a month. A joint birthday present from my husband to Holly and I was a new barbecue, which we love because we love being in the garden and normally we have lots of our friends around. Well, It is cutting edge children, it has a remote control, flashing lights, a pause button and the list of things it does, goes on and on.  Therefore, that is why it has not been used yet. Ha Ha. It is very technical and the first time we turned it on, it blew all of the electrical things in the garden… the lights went out, the hot tub stopped (2nd leak appeared and we had just patched it, filled it and heated the water up to the right temperature). Holly suggested she go and flick the trip switch…my husband said there was a bit of a problem there, as the switch for the garden electricals was in the back of his shed.  Now, children if you garden shed is like mine, to get to the back of it (that’s where the switch was) means taking everything that is piled up to the ceiling out of the shed and putting it all back in again. It had been a hot day and none of us had the energy to take everything out of the shed and put it back again, so we went back indoors and ordered fish and chips.  Later that evening my husband appeared and said he had been mistaken about the location of the switch. It was in fact in the house and all of the garden electricity was back on again and it was all working again. So my challenge this week is to read the instruction booklet for the barbecue and on Friday have our first barbecue. I will let you know what happens, because If I press the wrong button, it might blast off into outer space and I will never see it again!!! Fingers crossed Acer. Ha Ha Ha

I imagine you have spent lots of time outdoors over the half term and slowly things are getting back to normal.  For any children who have celebrated a birthday while we have been off, I would like to send a happy birthday song, 3 hip, hip, hoorays and of course…………the firework!!!

Have a great week Acer, I am missing you lots.

Kind regards

Ms Tuthill


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