Acer/4E A big hello from Ms Tuthill

Hello Acer/4E class,

I hope everyone is keeping well; everyone is well in my house. Well, where has all of the hot weather gone to? It has been cold in Hemel Hempstead over the weekend and cardigans have come back out of the wardrobe, brrrrrrr…     I have been marking some of the coastal defence work this morning (including some for Mr Whitelaw’s class) and again, I am blown away by how fantastic this work is. You have not only given geographical explanations about how and why your coastal defence works, but showed your creativity through the models you have made. I am very impressed. The Great Kapok tree work has been a real eye opener for me. I never realised how many foods contain palm oil and admit I have become a bit complacent during lockdown.  I will certainly be looking at the food labels more now, even if I am doing my shopping online. I wonder if that is why food manufacturers make the writing so small on products now, so we are unable to read what is there.  I have been on the lookout for a good cheese scone recipe and tracked one down, which was called the ultimate cheese scone recipe. I have to agree, the cheese scones were the best I have ever made, so that recipe is one to keep. My daughter has been learning to knit, although she did a little at Primary school. She absolutely loves it and has made a cushion cover and is now moving on to make a throw. She is using larger needles and chunky wool and while we were looking on line for wool, you will never guess what we found. Wool so thick that you have to use your hands as the knitting needles, it is called wool for hand knitting. Every stitch goes on your arms and you use your hands to lift the loops of wool from one arm to the next, just as you would do with knitting needles. I couldn’t believe it!!!   I was just thinking the other day about the lovely day out we had at Batchworth Lock and what fun it was going on the canal boat and seeing how people lived all of those years ago.  Then I began reminiscing about the Christmas Show and what fun we had making all of the props, costumes, scenery and learning the lines. It was such a super Christmas production and everyone worked really hard on it.  I think it contained some of the nicest songs we have ever had in a Christmas show. I was so proud of you all!  I think the warmer weather returns on Wednesday, so get yourselves outside then and enjoy all of the lovely things nature has to offer at this time of year.

Take great care of yourselves and your families.

Best wishes Ms Tuthill



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