20th June – National School Sports Week

This week is the National School Sports Week and under normal circumstances we
would be holding our Sports Day, trying different sports and PE activities we might not have
tried before as well as having visitors to the school to inspire us to be active.

Although a Whole School Sports Day isn’t an option this year, we didn’t want you to miss
out on it completely so we have some different challenges to try instead, almost like a mini
Home Sports Week.

Starting this Saturday 20th June, infant, primary and secondary schools are encouraged to
take part in National School Sports Week and, to support this, the Sports Partnership have
provided a week of activities we hope many will get involved with.

Taking place from 20th to 26th June, the UK-wide campaign will give families, communities,
schools and sports clubs the chance to capture the enjoyment, competition and
camaraderie they have been missing out on during weeks of school closures and social

Anyone can take part and we would love to see how you get on. Please share photos and
videos via the school admin email address and via the Sports Partnership twitter
page @TRW_SSP using the following hashtags: #NSSWtogether #TRWSSPVirtualChallenge

This is the timetable for the week.

Please also see the attached PDF that explains each of the
daily activities.

The weather is looking great for the week ahead so we hope you have fun being active!

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