Memorable Learning Conversations – ingredients to effective learning…

We were delighted to welcome John Fowler, former headteacher, lead Ofsted inspector and social learning consultant, to discuss learning with all of the children. Every child was asked the following questions:

What is the most memorable learning you can remember from being in school?

What made it so memorable?

Now, to avoid ‘it was fun’, children were challenged to think more deeply and metaphorically:

If we bake a delicious cake, we can’t consider ‘delicious’ as one of the ingredients – what are the ingredients that make a delicious cake?

In the same way, we can’t add a sprinkle of fun to make memorable learning. What are the ingredients of learning that make it memorable – and therefore useful and powerful for a learner to use in their own life?

We will share these thoughts and ask everyone in the community to consider these questions.

If you are brave, you could post your own thoughts here…

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