on “Water safety by the canal
19 Comments on “Water safety by the canal
  1. Great learning fun. It gave me a refresher of dangers on the canal. I like this topic it’s really fun I’d recommend it as a topic for other schools who live by the canal or are very inquisitive about learning.

  2. I really enjoyed the assembly because I thought about it and answered questions .It was very interesting and fun .I liked spotting the dangers .

  3. Learning about the dangers of the canal is a really fun topic . Canal and rivers waterway trust came in and we found out that the canal is a dangerous place .There is different ways to fall in. Not all canals are straight.I want to say a big thank you for canals and river ways water trust for helping us learn about the dangers of the canal

  4. It was amazing ! I loved it thank you now I know a lot of dangers.I will always stay safe near the canal.I really enjoyed it.It was interesting!

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