Rhino Election Day

6R had a brilliant time this morning organising and running the Rhino family elections. Everything was designed, run and produced by the children, from the ballot papers to the exit poll. Watching Year 6 maturely support the younger children with how to use their voice through democracy was inspiring and we eagerly await the results!

Each child in Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 will have a Year 6 MP. Every Year 6 child will be an MP with three constituents. Everyone in the school will have the chance to use their voice effectively. Today’s elections were for our 18 person cabinet who can propose motions to vote on and represent the children outside of the classroom. The Little Green School Parliament will be officially in position by the end of the week; exciting!


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  1. Although my back hurt from bending over to be on the same level as the year 3s, I’m happy to say that this was the “BEST LESSON EVER!!” I hope we get to do this again and I hope I get cabinet member.

  2. Wow, that’s great! We did ours too, and it was amazing! The lower years were very respectful towards the candidates. I wish you all good luck for winning the elections!

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