Sita Brahmachari Visits Little Green


Today Sita Brahmachari came to visit Little Green to talk to us about her latest release ‘Where the River Runs Gold’. There was a real buzz around reading! It is always very special having an author visit because it allows the children to enter the imagination of a storyteller and to see the journey an author takes in writing a story. She came not only to promote her story, but to raise awareness for issues such as the plight of bees and how they play an important role in our ecosystem. She also showed the children how they could make a difference through making a ‘seed pocket’ to spread wildflower seeds everywhere they go. Thanks to Chorleywood Bookshop for their help in organising the event.

Here is what we think:

‘She inspired me by the way she used her voice; it reminded me of Greta Thunberg’ – Philip

‘I liked the way she didn’t just talk about her book, but how she inspired me too’ – Neve

‘I loved how she told us a story that her father had told her, and she showed us a necklace that matched the story.’ – Muhammed

‘I’ve only read a few pages of the book and I can’t wait to finish it’ – Zohan

‘I liked how she used volunteers to act out parts of her story’ – Beatrice

‘I liked seeing her necklace because it wasn’t only beautiful, but also it told a story’ – Louie

‘I really liked the way Sita used moments from her childhood to create the story and it made me think… I can do that!’ – Harmani

‘Her presentation was really well designed and I enjoyed it’ – Mia

‘Even though I don’t usually read that type of book, I loved the way she used drama to engage us in the story’ – Ethan

‘I enjoyed the way she expressed herself through her book and the way she told her father’s story’ – Naomi


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