RE/DT in Year 3 – Making angels.

Related imageLast week, in year 3, we thought about and wrote down what messages of hope, love and kindness we would spread if we were the angel Gabriel.

This week, we’re going to make our own angel Christmas tree decorations. We could add our messages onto the angel, or decorate them. Could this link to our 99 beautiful names of Allah?

As well as linking to our RE topic, this will be a good exercise for our ‘fine motor control’. Fine motor control is our ability to carry out more precise movements – like cutting slowly and carefully along on a line, for example.

If everything goes to plan, we’ll end up with lots of angels that will adorn our homes this Christmas!



1) Print your pattern out onto paper.
2) Carefully cut along the black lines – note the gap in the centre circle; don’t cut the whole circle out!
3) Bend the paper into a cone shape and slot the two slits which go halfway up
one side together. You’ll be left with an angel shape.
4) Thread a piece of string onto a bead/paperclip and tie it into a loop for hanging.
5) Thread the string through the small hole left at the top of the cone behind
the angel’s head. The bead/paperclip will keep the angel from sliding off the end of
the string.
5) Hang them on your Christmas tree.

NOTE: if decorating after you have made an angel, unclip the paper and flatten first.




If you’d  like to make more at home, you can get the template here.

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