Y5/Y6 – Investigating how the Internet & Networks work

If you had to draw a picture of ‘the internet’, what would it look like?

Maybe it’s easier to answer that question if we have an idea how it works. We’ll be working our way through the following tasks:

Task 1We access websites all the time – the technical name for a website is a URL (Unique Resource Locator) – understanding the different parts of a URL can help us to understand how the internet works. Look at the picture on your sheet and complete the task.

Task 2 – The internet is so huge that it seems impossible to describe, but we can simplify how it works to get a general understanding. This video is a good place to start our journey. Look at the blank glossary on your sheet – when we watch the video, see if you can spot the keywords (have a whiteboard ready).


Video: Wireless ‘networks’ still rely on ‘wired’ systems – this video explains how:

Task 3 – Have a look at the ‘Computer Network’ handout. Let’s think about what our school network looks like?

What devices can we see?

What wires can we see?

How do we think they connect?

Now, go back to the original question of ‘what does the internet look like’? How do you think your answer may have changed now?


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