Wonderful Poetry by Katie 6R

A few weeks ago, in assembly, I shared a poem I wrote about the environment, inspired by Brian Bilston who wrote a similar style poem about refugees. Katie was inspired to go away and have a go at writing her own version. There’s a trick to this poem which I’ll explain after you’ve read it – don’t worry, Katie doesn’t really feel this way about school!

Katie’s Poem:

Education is not important

So do not tell me

One lesson can make a difference

We need to see it for what is really is

Boring and uninteresting

Stupid and silly

With teachers who fill our brains with junk

Cruel hours of our lives

They are not

Unlike educations in stories

Because it’s not fun

We hate learning

It is not okay to say

These teachers are trying to help us

We are better off without an education

Do not be so stupid to think that

The world can be looked at another way


Look at that last line… The world can be looked at another way. Do you think poems can be looked at another way too?

That’s right. Try reading the poem from the bottom line to the top, back to front, and you’ll get the true meaning of it.

A wonderful piece of work from Katie, an inspired, hard working, poet.


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  1. It’s moments like this that make everything we do worthwhile. Thank you Katie for your brilliance and your recognition. It means a lot to hear this and see this coming from a child in our community.

    • Lovely comment Michael. Remember, practice makes better. I’d love to read a poem about ‘sucking at poetry’ A poetic irony about it – have a go!

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