6R: Blitz Skylines

I was stunned this afternoon by the quality of teaching and learning in my classroom! Inspired by our Blitz poetry, Gracie and Eva have been working at home on drawing London cityscapes from the Second World War, with the sky glowing due to the ferocious fires below. They asked to share the skill with their classmates and I challenged them to plan, resource and teach the lesson. They were fantastic, creating a template to support peers, testing different materials to see which would be best to use and even differentiating the lesson by challenging others to do a monochrome piece. A great piece of teaching and possible career paths…? Thanks to both girls for their hard work.

6R worked hard and persevered with their art and most were pleased with the results, which will be used to help them present their poetry. Well done guys!


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  1. I really enjoyed that lesson thx eva and gracie your so talented. The class made excellent pieces of art because of your great teaching skills.

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