Good Afternoon Acer/4E – Amazing home learning!

Good afternoon Acer class,

I hope you are all well and keeping busy?   Everyone is well in my house and i’m keeping my fingers crossed it is going to be a sunny week, like last week.  The weather in Hemel Hempstead is mixed today, one minute it is bright and sunny and the next it is overcast and grey.

Well, what amazing work your parents have been emailing me on your behalf! When we eventually return to school and put all of this work up on the wall, how fantastic it is going to look!  I am blown away with the work I have seen so far. Beautifully presented and so interesting. I have just finished a book I was given for Christmas, but have never had the time to read.  If I were to mark it out of 10, i would give it a 7.5.  Not this author’s finest work, but it is his 20th book and I would say that the previous 19 were all a 10 out of 10. So I can’t really complain.  I completed another jigsaw, but I did find this one a challenge, it was 1000 pieces. However, I pushed myself to finish it and got there in the end.  I know it is hard to stay indoors at the moment, even I am finding it a challenge, but we know it will be worth it the end. We have to stay busy and positive.   It has  been very heart-warming to see great kindness and appreciation in the world around us recently.  People have been very inventive in keeping in touch with their friends, what with on-line keep fit, cook-ins, discos and tonight my daughter is holding an on-line quiz with her friends.   I imagine you are keeping yourselves busy and maybe you are catching up with your reading as well.  I wonder if any of you have found a new hobby?  It will be interesting to find out when we all eventually get back to school. Take good care of yourselves, keep active and busy and I’ll be in touch soon!

Kind regards

Ms Tuthill

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