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The way we teach Reading at Little Green has evolved in the past four years, informed by the research of Dr Wayne Tennent, HfL and our own English Team. We have moved towards a focus on Literal Comprehension and Vocabulary, taking skills from HfL planning platforms to ensure National Curriculum Coverage of all reading domains. Our intent is to provide children with excellent, lifelong reading skills to support their understanding across the curriculum and also with a love of reading too. To do this, we need to ensure that we best support children with their phonological understanding, that we plan and teach high quality 'whole class reading sessions' and that we ensure access to an excellent range of texts, pitched correctly to be read independently - see also our development of the Reading Spines. We are also passionate about putting authors in front of our children for them to aspire to and have built a strong working relationship with Chorleywood Bookshop to do this. 

Please do read our Curriculum Map above for more detail. 

The Little Green Reading Spines. 

As a school we see reading for pleasure as fundamental in how we approach and support reading for life; reading IS our ethos. Reading underpins Powerful Knowledge. Reading develops Community Well-Being. Creating a love for reading, encourages a love of learning - a positive Attitude to Learning. A huge part of this is ensuring that the children at Little Green have access to a bank of high quality and enjoyable texts which are continuously updated throughout the school; thus the launch of our Reading Spine. A different list, or spine, of books has been produced for each year group.

Author Visits

Book Fair

'You've run our most successful book fair ever - how did you do it?' - Scholastic (March 2023)

In March we welcomed the book fair into our school and I'm delighted to say it was both ours, and Scholastic's (!), most successful Book Fair ever. Why was it so successful this time?  

The result of the success of the Book Fair is £2206 to spend on new books to develop our 'reading offer' at Little Green. 

Read an example of our Reading Newsletter (above on mobile/left on desktop) our latest issue. Feedback is always warmly welcomed from children, parents... and teachers too! What would you like to see in Reading Newsletter?

Previous version are available below!


We're delighted to have been recognised for our efforts to promote 'Reading for Pleasure'

More recommended reads...

Who better to recommend books than the children themselves? 

This Padlet (below on mobile/right on desktop) gives you an insight into some of the books that Year 6 are currently reading. I'm sure they would be happy to go into more detail on request!