Free School Meals

Children who receive one of the benefits listed can get free school meals.

If you are a parent or carer, and you get one of the benefits listed, your child may receive free school meals, but you need to apply for them.

• income support

• income-based jobseekers allowance

• income-related employment and support allowance

• support under immigration and asylum law

• the guarantee part of state pension credit

• child tax credit and you have an annual income of £16,190 before tax or less

• working tax credit during the 4 week run on period

Apply online now, or call the Customer Service Centre 0300 123 4048 (8am-8pm Monday to Friday, 9am-4pm Saturday)

  • If you do not have access to the internet at home, you can obtain access and support at any of the following locations:

  • Public Libraries

  • UK Online Centres

  • Your Child’s School

PPG/Free School Meals letter - parents