We expect children to look smart in school at all times. From time to time, certain styles of haircut, dress and jewellery become very fashionable and some children feel the need to comply by wearing them to school. We don’t allow this simply because we feel that this rapidly becomes competitive and distracting and that there are plenty of other ways for children to express their individuality in school.

Children should not come to school wearing hair gel. Dyed, shaven or ‘engraved’ hair is also not allowed.

Top Half

White blouse

Bottle green cardigan or sweatshirt

Bottle green pullover or sweatshirt

White shirt or Polo shirt

Summer dress - any green and white print material

Bottom Half

Grey shorts or grey school trousers (No leggings)

Bottle green skirts

Dark socks or grey tights

Summer – White socks with summer dresses


Black shorts, a green “Little Green” printed PE t shirt, sports (not fashion) trainers.

To enable children to take part in physical activities during cold/wetter weather, please ensure your child also has dark jogging bottoms, a spare sweatshirt and a lightweight waterproof jacket as part of their PE kit.

Art Apron (could be an old shirt)

School Book Bag - available from Mapac for school books and homework.

Where to buy uniform:

Little Green replacement sweatshirts, waterproof coats, sweatshirts, caps, jogging trousers, T-shirts and shorts are available to buy from the Mapac online . In addition, FOLG regularly organise nearly new uniform sales at parent events.