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Uniform - please see the uniform page for required uniform 

 MAPAC are the suppliers of our school uniform including PE kit. Please visit   for online ordering.

 FOLG are our Parent Volunteers Group and hold an extensive range of second hand uniform from as little as 50p per item.

 Please contact


     Children should wear their PE kit to school on their allocated PE days.  Please note PE days will be shared with you at the beginning of each academic year.  

    We also ask that children bring their trainers to school the rest of the week (or keep spare trainers in school) so they can take part in other outdoor and physical activities throughout the week including the Daily Mile. 


We expect children to have as a minimum: 


Breaktime Snacks

    Children can bring a snack from home to eat at playtime.  At KS2, snacks are not provided for the children.  We are a healthy, NO NUT school so snacks should only be fresh or dried fruit or vegetables (not crisps or cereal bars). 

School Meals

Herts Catering Ltd supply a variety of exciting and nutritious hot and cold meals to pupils. All meals are developed in line with the nutritional standards set by the Schools Food Trust and the Government's Food Policy in schools. Please visit   for more information.

School Grid is our ordering/payment platform for school meals. Here you can order, view and pay for meals. Please visit for more information (you will be provided with a log in once your child starts school)


Wraparound Care (Breakfast/After School Club)

Little Green School runs a very popular Wraparound Care Club for pupils attending the school. Please visit for pricing, T&C's and registration forms.

 Please note that bookings cannot be made until a registration form has been received by the Club.


     At Little Green School we consider communication very important. 


     We provide a weekly Newsweb giving information on the weeks events and dates for future events. We also have a community notice board detailing events in the local area. Finally each Year Group has their own communications website, these pages are updated regularly by Year group Leads and are a One Stop Shop for Year Group information. Please visit Little Green Junior School - Communications  for a flavour what we do.

    If you need to contact the school we ask that you phone 01923 773861 after 9.30am (unless it is an emergency) to enable us to get attendance completed. Or email our address. Class teachers can be contacted via the class email address. We aim to respond to emails within 48 hours.

Emergency Closure

      It is always our intention to open the school for as long as is safe to do so and we have enough available staff to do so. In the event the school has an emergency closure we will contact you via our MIS system Arbor.


At Little Green we have always recognised the importance of creating a strong link between school and home and this enables us in return to enjoy continuing support from our Friends. Every new parent automatically becomes a member of Friends of Little Green and you are always invited to attend monthly meetings. Over the years caring and enthusiastic parents have raised considerable funds to provide numerous facilities, services and equipment, which enrich the quality of education of pupils within Little Green School.

Attendance and the School Day

expectations- % attendance, reasoning behind this.

School Opening Times- The lower playground is open from 8.30am with an adult presence to aid drop off at Malvern Way.  Doors open at 8.40am for a 'soft start' with pupils expected to be in the classroom ready for registration at 8.45am.  The playground gates are locked at 8.50am.  If children arrive later than this, they should enter school via the office so they can be registered.

Lunch for Years 4 and 5 is 12.00-1.00pm.

Lunch for Years 3 and 6 is 12.20-1.20pm.

Afternoon registration is taken by 1.25pm.

The school day ends at 3.15pm.

Absence- If your child cannot attend due to sickness please call 01923 773861 or email with the following details by 9am.

Requests for Authorised Absence- The Government expects all pupils to attend every day whrn the school is in session, as long as they are fit and healthy to do so.

      The Headteacher has the discretion to grant leave only for very exceptional circumstances. The Headteacher will determine the number of school days a child can be     away from school if any leave is granted. 

Any absence not agreed as exceptional will be marked as unauthorised

Parking- Little Green School encourages all pupils to walk to school if possible. If you do need to drive we would ask that you park away from the Lincoln Drive using one of the many roads around the school which are a short walk away. Unfortunately there is no facility for parents to park in the staff carpark unless they are in possession of a blue badge which is clearly displayed on their dashboard.

 Music Lessons

We offer a wide variety of instrumental lessons including piano, drums violin, flute and guitar. Lessons take place in school during school hours. 

Our providers of music lessons are Herts Music Service  and and Harpenden Contemporary Music Service Harpenden CMS - Music Tuition - Drums Piano Guitar

Arbor MIS

     Little Green School use Arbor as our Management Information System. It is a cloud based platform enabling parents to view and update their child's profile and also to book and pay for trips and clubs. 

     Please click this link for more information  Getting started - Log into the Parent Portal and the Arbor App – Arbor Help Centre ( 

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